Custom Home Builders

Who Are We?

Seacrest Homes are a luxury, multi award-winning custom home builder in Perth that consistently exceeds the desires of their customers when creating their dream home. Our total commitment to meeting the needs of our clients makes us one of the best custom builders Perth has to offer, and we have received awards from Master Builders WA, the Housing Industry Association of Australia, and more.

Our company always put the dreams of our customers first, and works round the clock to make them come true! We offer a fast, extensive, and personalised service throughout the process which produces routinely happy clients, and sees our business thrive by word of mouth. If you wish to join hundreds of delighted customers, look no further than Seacrest Homes as your custom home builders in Perth.

With us, the process of creating your home is a personal one. We aim to build a relationship with our clients that is based on mutual understanding and trust. Creating the perfect solution that you just won’t find in a home display village or weekend homes liftout. It is truly a journey that starts from scratch and flourishes into something of huge value.

We have a track record of excellence in all aspects of luxury residential and apartment construction, demolish/build and urban infill, and start each new project by ensuring our clients have peace of mind following the design process. This primarily comes from the incorporation of 3D illustration and immersive walkthroughs that establish confidence before proceeding with the build.

At Seacrest Homes, we believe that the process of building a custom home starts from the ground up. This means that each home is truly one of a kind, rather than making our clients choose from a set of standard alternatives. Instead, every detail is considered by our experts, who will guide each client through a world of possibilities. Such possibilities are represented by our unique range of materials and methods.

Custom Design Builders Perth

If you are looking to build in Western Australia, there are many types of locations to choose from. That may be a house along the coast, or one with a country view, it may be in the city centre, or in the secluded suburbs. Wherever you choose to build, Seacrest Homes, as one of the best custom home builders Perth can offer, will prioritise your wishes and deliver the house you have always wanted!

Custom homes in Perth are certifiably high-end, unique, and environmentally friendly having been built to modern design standards. Hence their increasing popularity and notability in housing awards in Western Australia. Our specialist designers work with the natural landscape to produce beautiful and original houses taking in all potential views of our stunning city, hills and coastline whenever available.

Opting for a custom design also enables consumers to take charge of accessibility, lot sizing and layout in a way they can’t when buying straight off the plan. This flexibility sees increasing numbers of people looking to our business as some of the best custom builders Perth has, to make their vision come to reality.

As a custom house builder in Perth, we exist purely to meet a client’s individual desires by producing housing masterpieces that are hard to find in the current market. Here at Seacrest Homes we offer both a design and building service that makes the process of creating a dream home both simple and straightforward.

This way, our clients do not need to seek out separate designers, architects and builders, but instead can find them all in one place. We therefore, have a streamlined process from the complete plan-set through to the construction, that optimises open communication between experts, staff and clients. This ensures that your needs will continue to be carried through and valued at each stage of construction.

Should you be in need of some design inspiration and are not quite sure where to start, you can also take a look at our existing standard range. Featured are some award-winning designs such as Mirage, Como, The Carnac and The Seville. We have put our heart into these designs, and you can use them as inspiration for your own. Or of course, you may find you love them as much as we do, and opt to model your own custom home on one of them.

Luxury Homes in Perth

Seacrest custom luxury homes and design

As one of the best custom builders Perth has, we cater to clients that are considering building in the luxury home market. Each of our homes foster an outstanding design with an unparalleled finish that typifies our luxury brand and sees us recognised from a local to national level. As such, we seek to continue exceeding expectations and designing outstanding homes for any new clients.

Our luxury designs mean that we are industry recognised as one of the finest custom home builders Perth WA offers. Each one is styled to a highly luxurious standard, being tailor-made to suit what every client looks to find in their own personal oasis. This means that every house is one of a kind, and customers can relax in a home that truly meets their every need.

In order to fulfil our luxury reputation, we provide a variety of in-house services such as timber joinery, cabinet manufacturing, and earthworks, enabling us complete quality control over the building process.  Creating a highly exclusive piece of Perth real estate, that will continue to achieve real value, well into the future.

Since our conception, we have routinely fulfilled our goal of creating the most luxurious homes in Perth, as is backed up by client reviews and prestigious awards. As such, we consider ourselves benchmarks in the design, service, finish, and standard expectations for clients of custom homes in Perth. At no other custom homes designer will you find the dedication and passion found in the staff that make up the Seacrest family.

Our staff have an in-depth understanding of the Perth real estate market and will work with you to optimise your investment into the house and maximise all possible returns. We will help clients understand the complex planning and approvals process that we manage in consultation with our industry experts, ensuring that the foundation of each project is a solid one on which to build upon.

Luxury Homes for Families

Home is where the heart is.  We bear this in mind with each project that we conduct, working closely with clients to ensure that they remain happy throughout the process. For so many of our customers, the happiness of their family is the priority. If their family is pleased with the house, so are they.  A Seacrest Home – built by our family to completely satisfy yours.

We recognise that individuals often seek out a balance between work and family life. As the leading custom builder in Perth, we say that the solution to this lies in one of our custom houses. Your future home may be city centre, deep in the suburbs, or even ocean or hills facing, depending on the needs and desires of your family. Our staff can help you choose an ideal location that caters for the busy commutes that come with family life, to both work and school.

It is not just an optimal location that can be awarded to you by choosing Seacrest Homes, but a house that serves your family well. Previous clients have opted for playrooms, pools, or a large garden space in which children can play safely while the adults unwind after a long day. Families with multiple cars may also opt for a large garage in which to house the vehicles.

A customised house enables clients to select the exact number of bedrooms they wish to have in their house according to the size and lifestyle of their family. We will do our best to incorporate the needs and desires of each member of the family in order to create a house that suits everyone and is the perfect fit for modern family life.

Security and privacy in the family home are hugely important concepts for many of our clients. Our designers can work closely with you to select security features that will set your mind at ease when living in one of our custom homes. Rest easy knowing that the technology in your customised home is doing the hard work for you.

Why Choose Seacrest Homes?

If you choose to build your house with Seacrest Homes, you are choosing a tailor-made home that suits your every need in a way that no existing house can. Beyond the finished product, of major significance to us here at Seacrest Homes is the service that we can offer you as a client. We wish to maximise the satisfaction of every customer that we work with, by ensuring that we fully share and understand your vision for the project.

Unlike some houses on the market, by opting for a custom home, there is a level of quality certainty that can be expected. For us, quality is paramount in each of our homes and sets a benchmark for every new project. Hence our strict quality controls that will ensure that your future home is set apart from anything available on the market today.

Watch your vision become a reality in Perth with Seacrest Homes. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart from other custom home designers, and sees us win multiple awards for each new custom house and delighted client that we produce. Each individual aspect is carefully considered and evaluated in order to maximise the satisfaction of our clients and maintain our pristine reputation within Western Australia.