An update from the team

Seacrest Homes wishes to advise that the Oasis Display home will be re-opening for general public viewing as of this Saturday the 2nd of May. Observing the current Covid-19 regulations that are in effect, we are able to allow up to 10 people in the home at a time. We will continue to take extra precautions to protect the well-being of both our staff and our clients, with additional cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and we require the appropriate measures of social distancing and personal sanitization. If you feel unwell, have recently travelled or have been in contact with anyone that has tested positive for COVID-19 please reconsider your visit to the Oasis. We look forward to welcoming you to our incredible display home and working with you on your plans for the future.

A burst of light in the entry provides a stunning central feature

The Oasis is located at 55 Seaward Loop, Sorrento and is open Saturdays and Sundays 2pm to 5pm.

I was ready to build, but what now ?

In what surely are unusual times indeed, you may have cause for some immediate concerns, but still looking forward to making progress on your new home plans for the future. While effecting social distancing and managing self-isolation for you and your family, make use of this time to do some research and begin the process of planning for your perfect next home.

Starting with a clean sheet of paper to create the absolute ideal custom home for your family’s needs on that perfect piece of Perth real estate can seem a little daunting at first. With a myriad of decisions to be made before you can provide a brief to give to your designer / architect, where to begin can cause some angst and trepidation. Our advice to would be firstly breakdown your needs in two separate categories.

Consider your accommodation needs

This concerns practicalities like how many bedrooms and bathrooms, types of entertaining areas (indoor / outdoor / casual / formal), upper or lower floor living, potential for views, etc. This is a great place to start the process, because it’s all based on tangible needs. Put these thoughts down on paper and your design brief has begun.

While your Seacrest Homes designer / architect is an expert in putting together the final plan, they will need to take into account your individual requirements in order to resolve the perfect, complete solution to suit your entire family’s needs.

Consider your style

One of the major benefits of choosing custom design is the ability to make a mark with your own personal style, not just that of your builder’s choice. Researching at this time to identify personal likes, dislikes and style preferences helps your designer / architect in many ways to understand how the look and feel of your home will develop. You may have heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” and this is no more relevant than when preparing for your luxury build. With vast catalogues of imagery available online (Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, Google Image Search etc), you can easily create a personalised selection of images to provide a visual description of your style preferences when it comes time to sitting down (or tele-conferencing as it may be) with your designer / architect. Each image may only contain a certain item that initially caught your attention, but it all helps to describe to your designer (and clarify for yourself) how your home’s personality will evolve.

If Seacrest Homes can assist in any way with your pre-planning requirements at this point in time, then you will be much better prepared at the point when you are ready to make a conscious decision to move forward on your new home.

Contact Seacrest Homes today for any expert advice or assistance in preparing your plans for the future, or arrange a personal inspection of our Oasis Display Home at your convenience.

Adding to our experience

Seacrest Homes would like to introduce our newest addition to the team, Gavin Young, who’s name may be familiar among many in Perth’s luxury home market.
Gavin brings with him to Seacrest over 25 years of custom home experience and a profound understanding of discerning client requirements.
Contact Gavin today for a personal consultation concerning your bespoke home requirements and benefit now from his intimate industry knowledge and experience.

Call Gavin on 0438 338 863 or email [email protected]

The Oasis – in Sorrento

Exquisite, modern beach-side classic. From the master craftsmen that created the Mirage – Perth’s most awarded display home, comes the latest in refined excellence.

Welcome to The Oasis – by Seacrest Homes.

Currently open by appointment only, contact us for further details.

55 Seaward Loop, Sorrento

Mount Claremont masterpiece

Just completed and handed over to the owners who have been busy adding their finishing touches, this remarkable custom home designed and constructed in Mount Claremont features a contemporary modern dual elevation, multiple, separate living zones, 3 complete bedroom suites, full kitchen and scullery, feature entry with lift & voids and custom ceiling with lighting detailing throughout. This home can be viewed by appointment by contacting Mary Musuruca on 0402 606 220

Dalkeith modern luxury

Designed for clients in Dalkeith, this elegant sophisticated concept incorporates a vaulted ceiling alfresco, outdoor kitchen complete with pizza oven, ultra-modern fireplace and an infinity edge pool for entertaining in total style.
Dreams made real by the experts, discuss your plans today.

Port Coogee custom design

A new custom design for clients in Port Coogee incorporates a sunken sitting room with lofted ceilings, perfect for wintry Sunday afternoons curled up in front of the fireplace with a good book.
Dreams made real by the experts, discuss your plans today.

Custom design in City Beach

Our designers recently sat down with new clients to piece together their dream home on a signature block in City Beach. The result ? An exceptional design with modern, understated clean lines utilising the latest in materials and technology to create the perfect blend of family living and upmarket entertaining elegance and sophistication.

Front Elevation

Meticulously designed over three luxurious levels, this home is complete with swim up pool bar, home theatre, gymnasium and multiple entertaining zones.

Rear elevation showcasing a swim-up pool bar

Contact us today to discuss how we can develop your site and ideas into the luxury, custom home of your dreams.

What to Know When Building Your Custom Home

Why buy an existing house when you can build your own dream home? Building the home of your dreams allows you to design and create a space to perfectly suit your lifestyle, complement your neighbourhood, and fulfil your tastes. Being able to build your own luxury home is one of life’s most rewarding experiences as it becomes a pleasure that you will be able to enjoy day after day.

When you start the process of custom home planning, you will soon find out just how amazing your home can really be. With the right luxury custom homes tips and expertise, your vision will become a reality with ease.

Building a luxury home is no easy process. You will need a team that can execute in design, service, finish and expectations. You will need meticulous attention to detail, ingenuity and absolute quality in all areas. At Seacrest Homes, we have set the benchmark for this kind of standard in building luxury homes.

With all that it takes to make your home a reality, here are some of our best luxury custom homes tips to know before you start the process.

Luxury Custom Homes Tips You Should Know Before Building

Your Dream

In order to make your dreams come true, you need to have a clear vision first. Building your fantasy home starts with a dream. This dream is what we can turn into reality through the building process.

You need to be able to envision the home in your mind – what kind of design aspects it has, where it stands, how big it is, and how it feels. You need to be able to imagine yourself walking through the front door.

When it comes to luxury custom homes tips, having the dream clear in your mind is hugely important. This way we can make it happen.

Where Will You Build?

Before you start to design your house, you will need to know where it will be. Finding the right block of land for your home can be challenging, but it becomes easier when you know exactly what you want.

Before settling on a site, you must understand what it is that your home will require. You will need to know how big you will be able to build, whether the land will allow you to build multiple stories.

It is also important to think about what kind of garden or outdoor space you will be able to get around your house. Access to the land that your home will be built on is also a factor to consider.

Designing the Home

There are so many different elements which work together to create the ultimate design of your home. We can provide trusted luxury custom home knowledge during this process to ensure that the design becomes exactly what your dream has always been.

The design process starts with thinking about the spaces you want and how big they will be in order to accommodate your families needs.

You will need to think about the kind of materials you want your home to be made out of. Although typically, Perth has been a ‘brick and tile’ city, there are countless alternatives to suit your needs, likes and budget.

The layout and flow of the home, the outdoor spaces, garaging and orientation of living spaces to the sun are crucial elements to consider. Our quality consultants can guide you to achieve the look and feel of your home that you desire.

If you are looking for luxury custom homes tips, you will know how crucial a solid design process is. This is what will ultimately turn the home that you have always dreamed of into a reality.

Your Budget

Budget is one of the most key concerns people have when building a home from the ground up. Through our trusted expertise, we can help to fit your design into your budget without hassle.

There are so many different areas of the building process which can affect costs, and so planning around it properly is critical.

While overall size will be a major factor in your spend, the kind of materials you use and the level of specification you require will also play a significant part.

Understanding your lifestyle requirements is an important consideration before beginning the design process. You really don’t want your budget to affect the quality of your home, so you need a dedicated team who can expertly manage the design and budget process to work together flawlessly.

Knowing what you want is only part of the pre-design process. Understanding how far your budget will stretch to cover this wish-list is important to understand. As building your luxury home is an entirely customised experience, our team of experts can walk you through the process, maximizing your budget potential.

Your Builder

Once your vision is clear and the design has been set down on paper, it is time to start the building process. The builder of your dream home can make or break your custom home experience. Dealing with our experienced, multi-award winning professionals allows you peace of mind during what can be a complex building procedure.

At Seacrest Homes, we set the ultimate standard in designing and building Perth’s best custom homes. Our passion, commitment to excellence in service and satisfying our customers every need is evident in the beauty, luxury and complete sophistication of all our completed homes.

Our homes are all built with the highest quality standards in check. We ensure every project we take on showcases the kind of standards which one would expect from a top-class team. This is enforced through our all-around dedication and passion.

When it comes to luxury custom homes tips, the greatest one of all would be to work with a team that you can trust. This is why so many Perth residents living in luxury decided to use Seacrest Homes to make their dream become a reality.

The Perfect Luxury Theatre

If you’re a fan of watching films at the cinema, you’ll understand why a theatre is a different kind of experience. Watching something on the big screen in the comfort of a reclining chair is just so much better than looking at small screens like a laptop or a small television.

But what if you didn’t have to go out to do this and could recreate a luxury theatre experience in the comfort of your own home?

Whether you’ve got a family and you’d like to create the perfect movie night for you and your loved ones, or you’re looking forward to a romantic date night, having a cinematic experience in your own home is absolutely possible.

It might not be something that the average home can offer, but with the right team of designers and quality craftsmen, incorporating a luxury theatre into your next home is an achievable dream.

Luxury Theatre Design

There are so many different elements that go into the construction of an in-house luxury theatre. With our experience in designing a variety of indoor spaces, we can help you cover them all and create a comfortable space that you can look forward to spending quality relaxation time in.


Seating is one of the main features of a home theatre. Supportive and comfortable reclining cinema chairs in your choice of favourite materials are paramount. Even shopping for them is an indulgence !

Quality audio-visual equipment is also essential in this kind of space. Working with Perth’s best experts in the field, we can advise you on how to incorporate the latest in technology that is perfect for your space, your needs and your budget.

Our in-house craftsmen can also provide ideas on the best furniture and decor to create a sleek and uncluttered interior with consideration for room acoustics.


Spaciousness is another key element when it comes to designing and building this type of entertainment area. A public cinema experience can often only offer cramped, uncomfortable seating with minimal legroom and freedom of mobility.

In your own cinema, you can customise the space to sit where you like, or move around as you like. You could even take personalised design to another level and design seating arrangements to suit your own particular preferences.


Incorporating a custom luxury theatre into your own home doesn’t need to feel like a huge addition to your living space. With our expertise in designing tasteful and sophisticated homes, a home theatre can be integrated seamlessly into your overall concept.

We encourage our clients to express their own personal style and ideas in the design of all of their interior spaces, and this kind of recreational area is no different. See this as an extension of your living room, and a space that is even more comfortable and amenable to relaxing and enjoying a night in.

Luxury Bonuses


One of the things about going out to a public cinema is that you’re also limited in your choice of food and beverages. Of course, there are luxury private cinemas, but it’s still not the same as being able to eat and drink exactly what you want in the comfort of your own home.

Imagine being able to fix yourself and your guests their favourite drinks at your own cinema bar !

A custom luxury home theatre doesn’t have to be all about sitting quietly in the dark. With the right kind of design, a bar can provide you with an area for socialising within the same space.


Lighting is of the utmost importance when designing an in-house cinema space. Being able to switch between the darkness required for the film and the light needed before & after, helps to create the right ambience.

Other considerations can include bar lighting (if required), mood lighting and subtle step/ hazard lighting if you have tiered seating.

Gaming & Media

Nothing decent to watch? Setting up your home theatre with your preference of console is just one example of providing an active alternative for the whole family.

Instead of being buried in the study or taking over the living room TV, the use of your home theatre as a gaming or multi-media space is a practical alternative.

Many would consider a home theatre to be an under-utilised space and therefore, a want rather than a need. For today’s modern technological lifestyle however, the home theatre can bring together many modern forms of media for all the family to enjoy.

Seacrest are the perfect luxury home designers to bring you the best home theatre and multi-media experience you could imagine.

We have designed and built innumerable homes incorporating theatres, and our various awards and accolades over the years attest to our solid track record of on-point design and focus on customer satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on working together with our clients to meet all of their expectations, which includes creating enjoyable leisure spaces in their homes, like a luxury theatre.

Working together, we can build on your foundational ideas, incorporating this kind of living area perfectly into your own home design. All you need to do is share your vision and provide us with the direction as to your personal style preferences.

We’d love to help you create a fun and relaxing environment in your personal space, with all of the modern amenities you could ask for, now and into the future.

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