Classic VS Modern Luxury Windows

If your eyes are the windows to the soul, then your luxury windows are an important feature of your custom home.

While luxury classic windows are known for serving as elegant, rich focal points in many breathtaking custom-build homes, luxury modern windows have the ability to melt seamlessly into the sharp and clean design of contemporary homes. 

No matter your preference, Seacrest Homes will be able to deliver the perfect windows for your home.

Classic Luxury Windows Design

Drawing from an infinite well of historic architecture, classic windows are often seen as an accentuating addition in admired, perennial home designs. However, they work just as well serving as a commemoration of past architectural styles in contemporary residences.

Components Of Classic Designs

What truly sets traditional luxury windows apart is their strong affinity for larger frames. However, their size has also been known to affect the layout required to ensure adequate lighting and fresh air circulation.

In the past, designers would often insert more classic windows to ensure bright, open spaces. As a result, rooms would heat up at a rapid pace in summer months, leading homeowners to install multiple air conditioners in every room.

In modern times, we now have the benefit of enjoying both classic and contemporary window styles in equal measure. By effortlessly merging classic window designs with modern technological advances, you can still go for an ageless design without having to compensate with a high electric bill.

We now rely on scientifically backed architectural knowledge that has helped us to create superior glass solutions. These energy efficient glass products can help you to regulate temperatures in heavily windowed rooms with ease. So even if you are leaning towards a more traditional look, you can still enjoy the advantages of the 21st century.

Bigger window frames and mullions often seen in classic window designs are almost ornamental in nature. After deciding on a custom-designed wooden or metal framework, it is important to take your time when choosing the best accent colour for your window frames. When done right, this can significantly accentuate the exterior colour palette of your home.

Popular Classic Luxury Windows

Classically designed windows offer a broad range of appealing options. However, the most popular choice includes rambler, farmhouse or bungalow styled double hung windows.

Although double hung windows are also available in a more modern style, this design had humble beginnings which some people still prefer to this day.

Another favourite is Victorian sash windows which are often accompanied with a bow window display. This outward pointing window display can make for an excellent readers’ nook and centrepiece to your front lawn. For a unique accent piece, an antique stained window may be a suitable option.

As a covering for classic windows, contemporary curtains, light shades or heavy draping all adequately fit the bill. Filtering cellular shades might be able to block out most of the sunlight, but if you want to stick to a more classic style then light shades or heavy draping is more fitting.

Modern Design

Being quite large and mostly rectangular in shape, modern windows emanate a subtle elegance and gives off a broadening illusion that makes rooms appear bigger than they actually are.

Components Of Modern Designs

Unlike classic designs, modern windows can also create a sense of unison between your immediate internal and external environment. The absence or minimal incorporation of mullions in contemporary window design allows for a truly transparent view which increases the overall spaciousness of your home.

Seeing as custom-built modern windows are larger in size, they often connect big areas to each other. This is especially evident when making use of sliding glass doors that act as a transparent divider between outside patios and living room areas.

The sheer size of modern windows allows for more light to enter a room. This significantly reduces the need for any number of windows and rather calls on strategic placement instead.

By being able to place windows so that they maximise lighting without increasing the room’s temperature, you can stay true to the contemporary and minimalistic style throughout your house.

A popular add-on that you can apply to all windows in your home includes window glaze and low-E coatings. Both of these modifiers will help your windows to reduce their heat loss. However, if you are more of a traditionalist then modern cellular shades will be able to accomplish the same task.

Popular Modern Luxury Windows

At the moment, floor to ceiling window displays are in high demand due to their sharp-edged style and ability to invite huge amounts of light into any room. However, if you need consistent lighting in a relatively big area then a skylight might be a better solution for you.

If you want to play around with your structural layout then asymmetrical window designs may be fitting. However, if practicality is on the forefront when it comes to your design priorities, then sliding windows will be able to give you more functionality.

Seacrest Will Guide You To The Correct Look And Feel For Your Classic or Modern Designed Luxury Dream Home

Whether you prefer the nostalgic ambience of classically designed windows, or the crisp clean lines of modern skylights, at Seacrest we deliver luxury custom windows to all our clients. Our team consists of leading experts who only utilise the best possible products for each project we take on.

In addition to excellent product sourcing, we also take your unique lifestyle and needs into consideration when mapping out the design of your luxury windows. By incorporating your ideas and recommendations into the planning and execution of your renovation or building process, we are able to work together holistically from the very first briefing.

If you are unsure where to begin, we can advise and provide you with a concept sketch right through to 3D visuals so you can zone in on what ultimately works for you. Contact Seacrest for expert advice or to arrange a quote for your unique design needs regarding modern of classic luxury windows.

Build Luxury With Extended Family In Mind

In today’s day and age, everyone is searching for their own kind of luxury. Whether it’s a guest room or bathroom, living space, or your entire home, Seacrest Homes will help you create a unique and luxurious space suited to you and your extended family.

With the busy day-to-day life of the average Australian, having a custom luxury guest room that is equipped with all the right resources is a must and can provide a wide variety of benefits to you and your family. We believe that your home is a space that should be enjoyed by your loved ones, for as long as they might need.

Whether it’s Grandma and Grandpa coming in for a few weeks or that family barbeque you’ve been planning with your out-of-town relatives, having space to accommodate them comfortably is a necessity and we want to help you create it.

At Seacrest Homes, our goal is to help you build the perfect space. Our contemporary solutions are customized to meet your every requirement. We truly believe that with the right design, we can create the perfect guest room for friends or family to visit for extended periods. We want to help create the luxury space of your dreams.

Luxury Guest Room

When creating a luxury guest room, it is important to know what you want and what will suit both your home and your guests perfectly. Here you will take us through your vision and help us better understand what you are looking for. At Seacrest, we believe that optimising the space and utilising it in a unique and effective way is crucial in creating a free-flowing, luxury guest room.

Having family living with, or visiting you, for longer periods of times can be great but can also mean that your space can sometimes be encroached upon. Living under the same roof can sometimes be hard… and that’s where we come in. We will ensure that the space meets your requirements, and allows your guests to move freely without intruding on each other’s privacy.

For your luxury guest room we have one thing in mind – space! We want to create a luxury retreat for your family and a home away from home. We will create a unique space based on your vision, including a luxury guest ensuite and a luxury bathroom. Our goal is to ensure your guests will feel right at home, whilst still maintaining your homes privacy and all round comfort and luxurious aesthetic.

Guest Spacing

With any home improvement, space is of utmost importance. To give you the luxurious feel you require, your space has to be used correctly. We understand that your home is where the magic happens. From sophisticated soirées to afternoon barbeques with the family, your home should embody your spirit and your love for family.

Cooking and Dining Areas To Accommodate The Family

If you are someone who loves hosting, then let us create you a unique luxury dining room perfect for those dazzling dinner parties. And if you are a culinary whizz who enjoys cooking up a storm, let us create a dynamic luxury kitchen ideal for those family dinners where the guest list always seems to be growing. 

We want you to be able to host your family and friends with ease, in a luxurious home ready for entertaining. Our goal is to understand you and your family to help create the perfect spaces needed to entertain them.

Outdoor Space To Entertain

For those who enjoy outdoor time with the family, let us modify your outdoor spaces and create something luxurious for your family gatherings. We aim to create unique spaces that are ready to be used, no matter the occasion or the number of guests.

At Seacrest, we understand the value of family and the importance of spending quality time together. Our goal is to take your dream space and turn it into a luxurious haven fit for a king or queen. By working closely with you, we will help turn your dream home into a reality.

Seacrest Can Provide The Perfect Mix of Welcoming and Private in Regards to your Valued House Guests

Seacrest’s Dynamic Designs

Our award-winning company focuses on creating unique and dynamic designs, suited to your every need. We want to create a home that is the perfect mix of luxury and cozy, combining elegance with comfort. Ultimately, we want to take your dream home and turn it into a reality, creating something that will stand the test of time.

We will help you create a home that you are proud to invite people to, a luxury space that is made for chic cocktail parties and grand family celebrations.

Enjoy Privacy and Space

We understand that while you want to host your extended family and friends as much as possible, you also do not want to lose your valuable private time with your immediate family. We truly believe that one should not be at the expense of the other.

Our luxury homes are created to incorporate all the unique aspects of open-plan homes while maintaining the privacy you are used to. Think en-suite guest bathroom or separate theatre so that everyone has the freedom to move around and enjoy the space without getting on top of each other.

At Seacrest, we will help you achieve that unique balance, modifying your home to tick all of these boxes. With our luxury guest rooms, your guests will have access to all the necessary amenities they need without having to constantly ask for your assistance.  This will enable you to host your extended family or friends at any time of the year, while still managing to maintain your day-to-day life and privacy with no disturbances.

Our goal at Seacrest is to help you find the perfect balance between comfort, design, and aesthetic. We want to take your vision and bring it to life, creating a luxury space that you are proud to invite your friends and family to.

Add The Luxury Outdoor Features Of Your Dreams

Bridging the gap between your home’s features and your family’s enjoyment can create a multitude of benefits. Envision hot summer months spent dipping into your own crystal clear blue pool, or ending off a long day at work with a family barbeque to spend time with the people who matter the most. There truly is no place like home.

With a few effective transitions, you can transform your home’s exterior into an outside haven. By adding various luxury outdoor features you can transform your backyard into a timeless design feature that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

It is a value add all round. By remodelling your outdoor space, you can create a luxury feel which adds to your home’s overall aesthetic and simultaneously increases its overall value.

At Seacrest, we understand the importance of a luxury outdoor entertaining space and the value it can add to your home and to your life. With the right combination of versatile outdoor features as well as a unique design, you can create the perfect outdoor space ideal for spending quality time with the family.

Luxury Outdoor Features For Your Home

Outdoor Luxury Kitchens and Dining

One of the main luxury outdoor features that come to mind when thinking of alfresco outdoor space is an outdoor kitchen.

Like their traditional counterparts, luxury outdoor kitchens create a space where families can come together. Whether you are spending a family Sunday in the pool or having a barbeque for your friends, an outdoor kitchen gives you the freedom to enjoy everyone’s company while preparing and cooking the food.

Every kitchen deserves love and attention as it is the place that much of your home life revolves around. No day goes by without the family spending time in this room, so why not create a unique outside area that is both luxurious and as functional as your traditional kitchen?

There is no need to be limited in terms of the design or appliances you can use in your outside cooking space either. As long as it is undercover for protection from the elements, the options are endless. You can still expect to be able to utilise fridges, grills, basins, garbage disposals and more.

In fact, there will be room to add exciting appliances such as a pizza oven or smoker that you would not typically house inside.  

By adding these luxury outdoor features, you will be creating an extension of your living space. This will build in a natural flow between your indoor and outdoor living and entertainment areas, giving you the option to host your friends and family where it is most comfortable.

Create a Space To Eat Out In All Seasons

Enjoy a sophisticated dinner party outside with a view of the pool to enjoy Australia’s blissful summer evenings. Alternatively, cozy up outside with your guests next to the wonderful outdoor fireplace in winter.

Though many might say that summertime is the season for spending outdoors, with the right luxury outdoor features you will be able to cook and entertain, easily, throughout the year.

Luxury Pools and Entertaining

Well-designed luxury pools are a fantastic addition to any dream home. Not only is a pool a place for the family to come together on hot summer days, but a well-designed pool can also be a piece of art that contributes to and complements the aesthetics and value of your home.

During the summer months, it provides entertainment and a social space for the family to enjoy. During winter, enjoy the soothing sound of a water feature next to it or the illumination of lights in the clear water at night to provide a hotel-like feel.

The right pool design will transform your backyard into the ultimate oasis.  Your pool design can be anything from an infinity pool to unique shapes mimicking natural formations. Ultimately, modern design and technology guarantee your pool can be anything you want it to be. You can include luxury features such as unique indoor and outdoor pool transitions, cut-away sides, and landscaping and organic shapes.

By integrating your pool seamlessly with your outdoor area, you will create the perfect space for entertaining. By connecting your luxury kitchen to your pool area with seamless transitioning, you can ensure that you are in close proximity to your guests and family while preparing a meal.

No outside space is complete without a bar where you can entertain and spend time with your friends. With all your luxury outdoor features tastefully designed into one entertainment area, you can enjoy connecting with the people that matter and make lasting memories together.

Seacrest’s Personalised Custom Property Experience

At Seacrest, we believe that blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living creates a unique and luxurious atmosphere in your home.

By combining the calming elements of the outdoors with the everyday convenience of the indoor, you can create your own little oasis. An oasis that is ready for family gatherings and dazzling dinner parties.

Our goal is to offer you pioneering design and technology, to help you create an outdoor space that is suited to your family’s needs and lifestyle. We want to create a space that mirrors your home’s aesthetic while being innovative and unique.

By understanding your taste and preferences and combining them with our expertise, we can help you seamlessly blend your indoor and outdoor life. Our team of talented experts will work side by side with you from start to finish, guaranteeing a unique state-of-the-art luxury outdoor area which is ready for you to entertain.

Contact Our Award Winning Team For A Consultation

We are committed to creating luxury outdoor areas that are distinctive, creative, and most importantly, luxurious. We want your outdoor space to be as versatile and functional as your indoor space, allowing you to cook and entertain in the same way, with no effort on your part.

Our award-winning team has years of experience in the design and construction industry, and we have just recently reached 25 years of membership with the Housing Industry of Australia. Contact us today to help you add in the features which will create the dream outdoor area for your home.

3 Reasons It’s The Right Time To Build Luxury In Perth

There is no better time than now to stop thinking and start building luxury homes in Perth.

This sunny city is often ranked highly as one of the best cities to live in. Offering a quieter pace of life alongside a city scene, there are natural bushlands to explore, beautiful beaches to relax on, and a thriving cultural scene.

Known for its sense of space, the less densely populated city also has a friendly feel. It’s now known as Australia’s education city, and the employment rate is growing, making it an attractive place to settle in.

Interestingly, Perth’s housing market has been experiencing a downturn with property values falling to very affordable prices. House prices are now reported to be the cheapest of any capital city in Australia, and it is also being reflected in the land and plot purchasing market too.

This offers our potential clients some exciting opportunities for building from the ground up, and a specifically more achievable and affordable route to those looking to build the home of their dreams.  

3 Reasons To Be Building Luxury Homes Perth Now

1. Land

As a result of the downturn in the housing market, the cost of land here is sitting at very low prices. It’s currently at one of the most affordable rates in Australia. While the market is like this, opportunities exist for good value plots that are perfectly placed for building luxury homes in Perth, this beautiful corner of Western Australia.

They say it’s all about ‘location, location, location’. There are many different areas and communities to choose from in Perth, and in this favourable housing and land market, buying a plot for a new build in the right area will determine the optimum future value for you as a homeowner.

Seacrest Homes is firmly established in Perth, bringing local knowledge and experience to the table. We will help you source the best plot to build your luxury home. Whether you want to be near the sandy beaches, lush green parks, or in the city, we’ll pick the right location for you. 

2. Quality

When you’re looking to build a luxury home, quality is a priority.

At Seacrest, we specialise in stylish custom property builds, offering our clients tailored lifestyle choices from design to build. We have built some of the area’s most highly regarded luxurious homes.

We have taken our clients on astounding journeys with us to see their dreams of building a luxury home become reality.

The whole process is handled by us in a professional and smooth manner. We can put those visions on paper to design stylish and unique luxury homes in Perth, and then construct them from the ground up.

Our Portfolio

A truly high-end build demands attention to detail – something which we pride ourselves on at Seacrest Homes.

We have a dedicated team with experience and the skills to create a unique custom design from scratch. We offer a portfolio of high-quality standard designs which are all customisable themselves such as our classic ‘Como’, ‘The Carnac’ and ‘The Seville’.

Whatever your choice may be, we offer our clients a premier service and luxury build which oozes style and boasts attention to detail.

We know how to add the decadent touches, be it custom curves glass fronts or installing innovative technological features into the home like ‘no-touch’ doors. It’s these things that really show the level of luxury finish our clients are looking for.

Our portfolio boasts many awards, and our team has a real flair for design seen in our polished final builds. We have added quality features like cinema and lounge bars, and sophisticated alfresco dining areas perfect for entertaining.

Our Experience and Skills

The quality comes from all aspects of our team. We are industry leaders with experience in luxury housing and the added local knowledge of Perth. Just recently we reached 25 years of membership with the Housing Industry of Australia.

Our trusted team boasts a range of skills. Because of this, we can offer a smooth in-house service from design, to the construction of foundations, and even down to the finer finishing details using our specialised craftspeople such as cabinet makers.

While the design team will focus on the style, function and aesthetics of a home, our construction team are dedicated and thorough, seeing to the longevity of your dream home. Using the best materials and products available on the market we are proud to hand over quality finished homes that hold long term value which reflects these efforts.

Our experience and professional approach give our customers confidence when designing a luxury dream home.  We commit to exceed expectations when designing and constructing personalised, custom luxury homes in Perth.

3. The Prime Time For The Perth Market

Building in Perth is a unique and rewarding opportunity for anyone looking to design their new home.

Keeping our finger on the pulse of the local housing and land market, Seacrest is always aware and up to date on the best plots available. We also hold the skills to design and construct beautiful luxury homes in Perth.

The current market is offering excellent opportunities with affordable prices in a booming city that is expecting future growth.

Unfortunately, the favourable house price-to-earnings ratio won’t last forever; experts are predicting an upturn in the housing and land market in the future. These will come about as a result of measures that are being put in place to reinvigorate the economy.

This means that now is the ideal time to realise your dream and think about building your luxury home in Perth. These favourable prices are a current opportunity that should be considered by everyone, even if it is for an investment opportunity as a build to rent property.

Choosing to work with Seacrest homes in Perth will enable you to receive a larger, more luxurious premier quality home for much less.  The team at Seacrest are poised and ready to work with you to help see your dream luxury become a reality in this beautiful city.

The Mirage – Can I still see it ?

2 Masson Mews, Mosman Park.

Our signature display home ‘The Mirage’ has closed for viewing to the general public, but can still be viewed by appointment.  Contact Mary on 0402 606 220 for more information.

Discover the incredible attention to detail and luxury finishes that make up a multi-award winning Home of the Year.

Discuss your plans with our design specialist and stay tuned for other up-coming home opens.

No overnight success story

Seacrest Homes recently notched up 25 years of loyal membership to the Housing Industry of Australia, designing and constructing many quality homes along the way.

The latest from our Designers

A showcase of the latest in design trends

From Coogee to Hillarys and everywhere in between, this is a select preview of some up-coming client homes, fresh from our designers.

Exterior elevation and Garage

Exterior elevation on water

Client Home – Dalkeith

Recently completed for clients in Dalkeith, this home exhibits the type of traditional styled elevation and bespoke craftsmanship Seacrest clients have become accustomed to over the years and is a heavily detailed and finely crafted showpiece home.  Note the intricate marble-work to the feature curved staircase, accent lighting troughs and ceiling dome to the lofty foyer ceilings.

Seacrest CC external elevation 1 no add


Seacrest CC internal entry 1

Seacrest CC internal entry 2

Upcoming Client Homes

Our designers have been busy !  Featuring a diverse range of styles and budgets, here are a selection of designs for upcoming client homes.

SH Cl 3D 6logo

Gated two storey exterior

Three Storey elevation

wide elevation

fancy elevation

SH Cl 3D 8logo

SH Cl 3D 10logo

Client Home – Choose your style

Straight off the drawing board, this amazing new design for clients in South Perth takes in river views to the rear and city views from the front. Showcased here with two different styles of roof – a conventional pitched version and the other, a modern ‘butterfly’ style’ based on the award winning Mirage Display.



What ever your style, Seacrest Homes can custom design to suit.